Sunday, February 10, 2013

What Features Can You Get From Alarm Systems?

The above mentioned quote clearly explains that home is a place where we get a peace of mind, after coming back from a tiring day or after spending time with our loved ones. And in order to protect it (from the intruders or from any miss-happening), we take all sorts of security measures, which would give us a peace of mind, when we are away from our home.
There many people still choose to buy basic type of locks, as they are not aware about the latest alarm systems, which have hit the market in recent time. Apart from the basic features in alarm system, like control panel, keypad, siren and monitor system, one can also find various advanced features in the present day proximity access control.
If you are one such person, still unaware about the latest features of alarm systems, then this article will bring forward some facts that will give you a good idea about the same. Let’s have a look:
  • Smoke detection system: Smoke alarms play a vital role in reducing the fire accidents like fire deaths and injuries. They fall under two basic types: ionization and photoelectric. These sensors would detect the smoke, raise the alarm, give the alert message to control station, and the control room would further call to the fire station-as simple as that!

  • Glass break detectors: Another advance feature of this system is glass break detector. It is a sensor, which is used near glass doors to detect if an intruder broke the glass and enter the house. The detector has a microphone in it, which monitors the sound of glass breaking and activates the alarm.

  • Panic buttons: These are of button shape, which when triggered, raising an alarm to the control room. These can be placed in the strategic locations throughout the house, and are connected to a monitoring centre via an alarm. This enables the person (who is under threat) to send an immediate message to the monitoring centre, who would further call for the local security or police for the person's help.

  • Motion detectors: This is the best feature of alarm systems; as in case, if any of the above detectors don't work, then the motion detectors would automatically sense any miss happening like entry of a burglar fire alarm, glass break etc., and ring the alarm by itself. These detectors can detect up to the range of 15-25 meters.

With all the above mentioned aspects you must have got an idea as about these modern day alarm system such as magnetic card access control and some other, and their benefits.
So, if you are looking forward to buy this security system, then you must go for a reliable distributor.

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