Monday, February 4, 2013

Types Of Technologies Used In Access Control System!

Security is one of the major needs to live a peaceful life. Gone are those days when there were medieval bolts & chains, and traditional lock & keys. Nowadays, latest security systems have come, which not only have made our homes a safe place, but also our commercial premises.
Today, the latest type of security system, which is in demand are access control systems. It is a digital security system, which allows only specific peoples to enter into the home or building that have the permission to access it; whether by magnetic card, keypad or password access control Some people may think that these are complicated to access and expensive. But in reality it’s the other way round! They are very easy to access that even a kid can easily learn it. Moreover they come in different types, sizes, and budgets, which can meet the preferences of people.

These systems not allow and dis-allow the person who wants to enter into the building; rather they can do a lot more than that! This includes keeping of electronic records of entries and exits into the areas, which is helpful in knowing who all came into the building; if any mishappening occurs.
So, if you are interesting in buying access control system then you must read the mentioned below points, which would let you know what type of access control is best for your home or business:
  • Magnetic card: Out of all access control types, this is one of the most commonly used types in economical places. They are same like credit or debit cards, which are swiped on the door in order to open the lock. These cards have magnetic strips on it, which contains all information regarding the cardholder. And when the card is swiped on the card reader, it scans the stripe and allow or disallow the person entry accordingly.
  • Proximity card: Likewise magnetic cards, these cards are also same, with a difference of how the information of card holder is contained in the card. This means information in proximity card access control is contained in microchip rather than magnetic strip. Moreover they are more secure than magnetic cards.
  • Keypads: In this system, the user needs to enter an assigned code on the electronic keypad in order to obtain entry into the building.
  • Biometric scanners: This is the latest and best type of access security system, which requires biometric information of the user. It includes database of human characteristics such as fingerprint, handprint, retina, voice, or facial structure of the user. Thus unless the user cloning is not perfect, till then the door is not opened.

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