Monday, February 25, 2013

Live peacefully with electric door locks

Certain accidents are inevitable, over which we individually have no control or access. However, accidents happened due to negligence or out of sheer carelessness is not really an accident. Those are the accidents which can be avoided, if arrangements are made well in advance. As they say, precaution is the best cure. There is no better cure than making provisions in advance for the potential mishaps and accidents.

Talking in terms of home security, there are more than one ways to go about improving the safety and security of the house. What better way to do so than getting an effective residential security system installed inside house. In present day scenario, where rate of thefts, burglary and felonies have become so prevalent and sky-rocketing, no wonder that more and more homeowner are opting to get security solutions installed inside houses for the safety and security of the family. One of the famous security solutions these days being used by folks are electric strike locks.

A door equipped with an electric strike lock gets closed automatically and immediately, and cannot be reopened until the person has a card, authenticating his/her identity before stepping across the door. If we talk about offices and companies, then relying upon security guards alone cannot always be a discrete decision. These cards allow only authenticated people to enter the office premises, thus ensuring security of the office employees. Electric locks are one of the greatest ways of avoiding potential threats to the office and its employees.

There are a number and variety of electric locks available in market these days. However, before finalizing to opt for any particular type of electric lock, make sure to check its quality. Quality is the deciding factor of these types of commodities. Never compromise with your security in terms of money. Go for locks which may be a bit costlier than the rest of locks available, if you know its quality is above the other ones. It may often come out as a shock that cheap locks are easily breakable as compared to those which were a bit costly but more effective. However, cost cannot always be the key factor to ensure credibility of locks. A cheap lock can also be as effective as a costlier one. Just make sure to choose only the best ones.

If you are a homeowner, concerned about the safety of your house, then go out in the market or look online for security solutions. Apart from electric locks, there are plenty of other options such as a CCTVs, biometric security systems, alarms, intercom systems, etc. to choose from, for your house.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Types Of Commercial Security Solutions

When it comes to office security, there are several kinds of commercial security devices available to keep your business, office, employees, or customers safe. Industrial safety system is really a collaborative arrangement of various security equipment spread throughout a building.
Depending upon various factors such as type and area of building, number of employees and whether or not customers are on allowed to enter after passing through special kind of permission etc., you can choose hard-wired or wireless Commercial Security Systems for your office or business.
These systems are designed to keep an eye on every activity held within that particular are and to give quick response in the event when security is breached. Nowadays, almost every business, no matter whether it is a small or large scale business, uses various kinds of more technologically sophisticated security gadgets which offer increased level of physical safety. In this way, advanced safety solutions prevent us from being victim of any crime.
Below is the list of most commonly used commercial security solutions:
  • Fire/smoke detectors: Whether you are managing a hospital or supervising various kinds of operations for an industrial plant, commercial building, retail store, school campus, or airport, you can choose fire/ smoke alarms that fit your requirements and improve security for your people and property.
  • CCTV: Close Circuit Television Monitoring is one of the most popular commercial alarm systems found in majority of commercial establishments. CCTV safety solutions use video cameras to pass on a signal to a limited set of monitors. These cameras are designed to move in any direction of the building which in turn reduces the risk of crime.
  • Button alarms: Push button alarms work with burglary or intercom safety gadgets. Many commercial establishments such as offices, shops, banks, and more use push button alarms which, when crime is taking place, automatically alert the nearest police station.
  • Burglar alarms: These kinds of security solutions are designed to detect an unauthorized entry into the specified area. In addition to their commercial use, they can also be used in residential, industrial, and military properties against theft and intruders. These equipment offer safety and prevent unauthorised entry by setting off a loud or silent alarm, which is connected to alert the nearest police station.
  • Card readers: Another way to increase security and safety for employees and assets is to use card readers. Card reader work by reading a tag card which is assigned to all the employees (with unique customer ID) working within that particular facility. These safety solutions allow both entries and exits at the door.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Why do we need Security Solutions?

Do you feel that your house would not be safe when you are out of your house, like on a holiday vacation, or when no one is at home to look after your house? Do you often feel worried about burglars breaking-in your house and stealing your hard-earned money and precious belongings before going to bed at night? If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’ then it is time to buckle up and secure your house with home security solutions. Read on to know the purposes that would be solved by security systems at home.
New York homeowners and residents who are concerned about the safety of their house can choose from a variety of New York Security Systems. Given below are some major points that you can benefit from a security system:
  • Safety assured: The fact that your family and house is out of the reach of burglars, would give you peace of mind resulting in less worries. You can focus on other important things in life than having to worry about your home security any more.
  • Visual equipment would restrict breaking in: Upon seeing the visually noticeable equipment the burglars would likely move to another target than being trapped by the security system. It would give them a warning signal to leave your house right away.
  • Monetary benefits in terms of discounts on home insurance premium: Not many people are aware of the fact that insurance companies give a certain amount of discount on the insurance premium amount if the insured person has a security system installed in his/her house.
  • CCTV Captured footage can be helpful for authorities in investigation: Security systems have an attached CCTV to capture not just the video but the audio as well. This can be of major assistance in identifying and tracking down the thieves for apprehension.
  • Remote Monitoring: Most of the contemporary systems have an option to control your security device from a distant place as well, thus helping you access your house even if it is left unattended.
  • One time investment for long run benefits: Although it requires money to be spent in buying, installing and maintaining the security device but the benefit you would redeem in the long run will be much higher. The cost of installation would be less than the money lost in burglary. Therefore the investment is justified in more than one way.

There are a number of security devices available in the market such as magnetic card access control, CCTVs, alarms, electric controlled locks, intercom systems, etc. to choose from. So don't wait for the robbers to rob your house, instead go out and look out for good security solutions.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Access Control Systems: Proximity Access Control

When it comes to both residential or office security, access control systems are on the forefront among several kinds of essential security products available in the market.
Access control system (ACS) is used to restrict the entrance of a person into a certain place until unless they have been given the permission of entering into that area by such security devices.
Installation of such systems at your working or residential area ensures your “all-time” safety as they well always restrict intruders. Below is the list of some of the types of access control devices that you can choose from for your home or office use. These are: proximity card (prox card); Magnetic Card Access Control, biometric identification systems, Bar code, keypads, and more.
In this document, you will be given a brief introduction about proximity card based access control devices.
Proximity card based door security device is a sought after security method in today's residential areas, offices, companies, computer rooms, R&D Labs, financial institutions, and many other places.

One interesting thing about prox device is it works without swiping it into card reader. In other words, prox card can be read without inserting it to a card reader. Now, the question that strikes our minds is- how they work without using reading device.
The core of the prox system is the elements with the help of which the entire system works. These are: the tag, the reader, the controller, and the lock.
  • Tag (card): Individuals are provided a tag, authorized by the system administrator on certain door and at specific times.
  • Reader: It is a device installed on the entry and exit point of the door.
  • Controller: This is the main part of the overall security system, as it is designed to receive all the authorization information from a PC and to store it. It opens the door lock, when the Tag ID, read by the reader, is authorized at the door.
  • Lock: This is an electro-mechanical locking device responds as directed by the controller.
In order to use Proximity Access Control Device, tag is brought close for a moment to an electronic reader unit. Each tag has a unique identity code stored on an electronic chip attached in plastic. As a result, reading device responses with a “beep” that indicates that that your card has been read. If the tag is authorized on that door, an internal signal is sent to release the door lock.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

What Features Can You Get From Alarm Systems?

The above mentioned quote clearly explains that home is a place where we get a peace of mind, after coming back from a tiring day or after spending time with our loved ones. And in order to protect it (from the intruders or from any miss-happening), we take all sorts of security measures, which would give us a peace of mind, when we are away from our home.
There many people still choose to buy basic type of locks, as they are not aware about the latest alarm systems, which have hit the market in recent time. Apart from the basic features in alarm system, like control panel, keypad, siren and monitor system, one can also find various advanced features in the present day proximity access control.
If you are one such person, still unaware about the latest features of alarm systems, then this article will bring forward some facts that will give you a good idea about the same. Let’s have a look:
  • Smoke detection system: Smoke alarms play a vital role in reducing the fire accidents like fire deaths and injuries. They fall under two basic types: ionization and photoelectric. These sensors would detect the smoke, raise the alarm, give the alert message to control station, and the control room would further call to the fire station-as simple as that!

  • Glass break detectors: Another advance feature of this system is glass break detector. It is a sensor, which is used near glass doors to detect if an intruder broke the glass and enter the house. The detector has a microphone in it, which monitors the sound of glass breaking and activates the alarm.

  • Panic buttons: These are of button shape, which when triggered, raising an alarm to the control room. These can be placed in the strategic locations throughout the house, and are connected to a monitoring centre via an alarm. This enables the person (who is under threat) to send an immediate message to the monitoring centre, who would further call for the local security or police for the person's help.

  • Motion detectors: This is the best feature of alarm systems; as in case, if any of the above detectors don't work, then the motion detectors would automatically sense any miss happening like entry of a burglar fire alarm, glass break etc., and ring the alarm by itself. These detectors can detect up to the range of 15-25 meters.

With all the above mentioned aspects you must have got an idea as about these modern day alarm system such as magnetic card access control and some other, and their benefits.
So, if you are looking forward to buy this security system, then you must go for a reliable distributor.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Types Of Technologies Used In Access Control System!

Security is one of the major needs to live a peaceful life. Gone are those days when there were medieval bolts & chains, and traditional lock & keys. Nowadays, latest security systems have come, which not only have made our homes a safe place, but also our commercial premises.
Today, the latest type of security system, which is in demand are access control systems. It is a digital security system, which allows only specific peoples to enter into the home or building that have the permission to access it; whether by magnetic card, keypad or password access control Some people may think that these are complicated to access and expensive. But in reality it’s the other way round! They are very easy to access that even a kid can easily learn it. Moreover they come in different types, sizes, and budgets, which can meet the preferences of people.

These systems not allow and dis-allow the person who wants to enter into the building; rather they can do a lot more than that! This includes keeping of electronic records of entries and exits into the areas, which is helpful in knowing who all came into the building; if any mishappening occurs.
So, if you are interesting in buying access control system then you must read the mentioned below points, which would let you know what type of access control is best for your home or business:
  • Magnetic card: Out of all access control types, this is one of the most commonly used types in economical places. They are same like credit or debit cards, which are swiped on the door in order to open the lock. These cards have magnetic strips on it, which contains all information regarding the cardholder. And when the card is swiped on the card reader, it scans the stripe and allow or disallow the person entry accordingly.
  • Proximity card: Likewise magnetic cards, these cards are also same, with a difference of how the information of card holder is contained in the card. This means information in proximity card access control is contained in microchip rather than magnetic strip. Moreover they are more secure than magnetic cards.
  • Keypads: In this system, the user needs to enter an assigned code on the electronic keypad in order to obtain entry into the building.
  • Biometric scanners: This is the latest and best type of access security system, which requires biometric information of the user. It includes database of human characteristics such as fingerprint, handprint, retina, voice, or facial structure of the user. Thus unless the user cloning is not perfect, till then the door is not opened.