Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Types Of Commercial Security Solutions

When it comes to office security, there are several kinds of commercial security devices available to keep your business, office, employees, or customers safe. Industrial safety system is really a collaborative arrangement of various security equipment spread throughout a building.
Depending upon various factors such as type and area of building, number of employees and whether or not customers are on allowed to enter after passing through special kind of permission etc., you can choose hard-wired or wireless Commercial Security Systems for your office or business.
These systems are designed to keep an eye on every activity held within that particular are and to give quick response in the event when security is breached. Nowadays, almost every business, no matter whether it is a small or large scale business, uses various kinds of more technologically sophisticated security gadgets which offer increased level of physical safety. In this way, advanced safety solutions prevent us from being victim of any crime.
Below is the list of most commonly used commercial security solutions:
  • Fire/smoke detectors: Whether you are managing a hospital or supervising various kinds of operations for an industrial plant, commercial building, retail store, school campus, or airport, you can choose fire/ smoke alarms that fit your requirements and improve security for your people and property.
  • CCTV: Close Circuit Television Monitoring is one of the most popular commercial alarm systems found in majority of commercial establishments. CCTV safety solutions use video cameras to pass on a signal to a limited set of monitors. These cameras are designed to move in any direction of the building which in turn reduces the risk of crime.
  • Button alarms: Push button alarms work with burglary or intercom safety gadgets. Many commercial establishments such as offices, shops, banks, and more use push button alarms which, when crime is taking place, automatically alert the nearest police station.
  • Burglar alarms: These kinds of security solutions are designed to detect an unauthorized entry into the specified area. In addition to their commercial use, they can also be used in residential, industrial, and military properties against theft and intruders. These equipment offer safety and prevent unauthorised entry by setting off a loud or silent alarm, which is connected to alert the nearest police station.
  • Card readers: Another way to increase security and safety for employees and assets is to use card readers. Card reader work by reading a tag card which is assigned to all the employees (with unique customer ID) working within that particular facility. These safety solutions allow both entries and exits at the door.

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