Monday, May 27, 2013

With burglars in and around the corner, there’s a need to protect our premises 24 hours a day, in order to safeguard our loved ones and our belongings.
In earlier times, people use to have latches and bolts on their doors. Not only have this some people still prefer keeping security guards around their infrastructure. Unfortunately, this might be a risky situation as they may turn out to be thieves hiding in a uniform.

Though, gradually with time security measures have changed as various types of modern security systems have come up in the market like Electric Bolt Lock, intercom systems, magnetic locks, combination locks, CCTV cameras and so on. However, out of all CCTV cameras are more compact and comprise of more features as compared to other security systems.
So, if you want to buy CCTV security cameras for your home or office. Then take a glance over the step by step procedure of it:
  • List down your needs: The first and foremost thing is to know what your needs while looking for CCTV cameras. This comprise of few questions: what type of camera one wants-wired or wireless? ; do you want to see the faces or crowds? ; do you want indoor or outdoor camera? ; do you require 1, 2, 3 or more cameras?
  • Select type of camera: Based on your needs and preferences, one can select wired, wireless or network cameras. Where wired CCTV require extension cables, wireless are totally opposite to them as no cables are require to install them. Besides wired and wireless, IP/network cameras are also there that is connected to the computer router that helps in accessing the cameras from remote locations.
  • Select black & white or color camera: Depending on the choices, one can choose amongst black & white or color CCTV home or office security cameras.
  • Factor of light level: In order to have a clear image, light levels are needed to me measured. As lower the number, it would produce less light that would eventually create clear image.
  • Resolution factor: Besides having a light level factor, resolution feature also matters in order to have a good picture quality. Thus on the whole, if both light level and resolution factor is not there, then obviously there is no use of having CCTV cameras.
  • Select monitor: According to the resolution, one also needs to select relevant monitor.
  • Best recorders: To record the images there is need to have quality recorders that help in storing all the images in the hard drive.


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